...is freelancer artist owning a studio in Bremen-Nord. She is - amongst others - noted for several projects, group and solo exhibitions and her painting travels.

Membership in the Swedish artist Society IASE (International Artists Society Europe) and

the European/Danish artist society FFKK (Flensborg Fjords Kunst & Kulturforening). Due to her many years of experience of working with children, youth and adults she has an easy understanding with fringe groups. Her courses go beyond just painting to quarreling with several materials in a creative way.

The history of art, music and even theatre have been very important in her work during all the time. Finding one's self and relaxing are goals of her classes. Since 1994, she works for the northern dependance of the free art school of Bremen (Freie Kunstschule Bremen). Participating in several regional and national competitions her course's children, youth and adults gained many astonishing achievements.